Sunday, September 26, 2010

My first blog post....go easy on a girl!

I mean, up until 6 months ago, I loathed the word blog. I really did. In my mind, blogs were for peeps who wanted to talk only about themselves and what they ate that day. Then I got bit by the home decorating bug. You know the one...the one that has you searching the internet day and night for DIY decorationg ideas? It was then that my mind was changed forever about blogging. I found SO much inspiration and information from the blog world, that I decided
to start my own. If I can inspire even one person the way I have been inspired, it will be worth it!

So stay tuned ...I have a garage full of blank pieces just waiting to be fabulous!

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Unknown said...

im new to blogging too. i was encouraged by relatives and friends that kept asking me to see my before and after pictures of my projects. so ive been blogging for only about a month and a half now. finding that im always on my computer.but i love the feed back. and i love to see everyone elses creativity.