Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Photography Prop Chair(s)!

Listen up, all of you furniture rehabbers and Craigslist sellers...there is an untapped market out there! Or at least there is in MN.

Since I'm relatively new at the painting furniture thing, I started small...chairs, little tables, etc. I love the instant gratification piece of the smaller items.

Anyhoo, I just would put them on CL because they were taking up valuable garage space...and of the three I've done, they were all bought by professional photographers! Apparently painted and distressed old wood chairs are the hot thing in photography. Am I the only one who didn't know this?

The first chair before and after:

The second chair before and after:

The third before and after:

Now, these are nothing fabulous...just your basic paint, distress and stain job. But aren't they fun? And it's super fun to see these used on the photographers websites!

Tip: People seem to love this's Rustoleum Colonial Red with Walnut stain over it. Very classy!


Unknown said...

What a great potential market. Have you thought of marketing yourself to the photographer in your area? I know I love your chairs and buy one if I was a photographer.
Thanks for sharing.

Mary Mollica, Owner & Artist of The Decorative Paintbrush said...

Hi! Just found your blog, on another blog...I redo furniture too and have a blog about it as well! I love finding people that get as excited as I do about it! LOL! It's so much fun isn't it! If you get a chance please check mine out! Look forward to checking out more of your redos! Mary

Brandi said...

So happy for you that you made 3 sales!
Hey Allison if you need stencils for you stools check this site out.

the have a wide selection of free stencils! and boy oh boy, do I wish I had friends willing to look for "goodies" for me! My kids get so embarrassed when I canvas the neighborhood looking for stuff! LOL

Hope you and your family have a wonderful Holiday!!!: )

Tammy @ Type A said...

Colonial Red is on of my top 10 colors, maybe even top 5. love how the chair turned out. check out the tin piece i just painted the same color.