Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Pictureless post

I's a blogging sin.
I'm so excited I had to share with my peeps that understand.

I got THE dresser today. The one I've been waiting for. Longing for. I don't have an actual picture of it, but it's VERY similar to this one

And I got mine for TWENTY FIVE dollars! EEEEK!

I truly feel like Santa came. I'm THAT excited.
AND it will be a big furniture reveal week. I'm finishing up a little girl's desk for a silent auction and a buffet/cabinet thing for my mom. You.will.not.believe the prices I got on both items. I am truly addicted to finding a great deal.

Ok, thanks for letting me get all of that out. My husband is looking at me like "why is she so happy?". All I need is a cheap, solid wood item to make me giddy!


Anonymous said...

Happy that you're happy! Nothing like finding something you love at a great price! Look forward to seeing what you do with the dresser! ;D Michelle

Cassie Bustamante said...

i can't wait to see it!!!!!

Unknown said...

that will look great done. i checked out the link

Tatum @ Tatum's Take said...

Hi Allison,

Funny post! I never thought about how pictures make a difference. Anyway, I am really excited for you! I too look forward to seeing your dresser and what you do with it.

Have a good night :-)

Brandi said...

Yeah Allion! So happy for ya girl! I can't wait to see what you do with it!

Brandi said...

OOps Allison! sorry for the goof on your name!!!