Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Unpainted Buffet with Family History

Ever since we moved into this house 8 years ago, I have not loved our dining set. It is fine, but now that I've started blogging and actually caring what my house looks like (up until 2 years ago, I had zero design skills...I still don't have many, but it's improving). Fast forward to 2 months ago and I couldn't stand our dining room any longer. It has been turned into the "Lego Room" because it's never used for dining.

I started putting ideas together in my head and a few on Pinterest. The first thing that had to go was this dining hutch:

A great piece, just not for me or this room. too big and modern. I sold the bottom of it on Craig and the top (all 100+ lbs of it!) is still in my garage. For you locals, it's free on Craig ;)

I originally had said I was keeping this buffet that I refinished recently, but truly, it's too big.

I searched and searched Craig for the "right" piece...and I ended up finding it at my parent's house! We've had this buffet for as long as I can remember. I said to my mom "I want a piece just like THIS!" and she said "I've been waiting for one of you girls to want this". Ummm...ME! Angels were singing! And here's why:

Uh.HUH. The great part is that my parents got this at a garage sale for $15 before I was born. They refinished it together and now I have it! My mom may or may not have told me that she'll haunt me from her grave if I ever paint it. That's ok because I have no plans to paint it. It's too pretty! And it goes perfectly with the dining room table. The hubs just painted the room a blue-gray and once I find a mirror to hang over the buffet, I'll show you a full reveal of the room. But here's a sneak peek:


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Cassie Bustamante said...

oh my wow! i can see why you are NOT painting it and even i might yell at you if you did! it's STUNNING.

Chrissie said...

Such a gorgeous piece!I can see why you are thrilled with it!Cant wait to see it all!

Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

Oh wow, that is a beautiful piece of furniture! And the family history just makes it all the more special! Can't wait to see the room reveal!

Patti @ Pandoras Box said...

Lucky you - I wouldn't paint it either! It is just lovely!

Candy said...

That piece is just gorgeous and the fact that your parents got it before you were born makes it sooo much more special.
I found you over at Gina's Transformation Thursday and have just become your newest follower. Please come visit and hopefully follow back at PICKINandPAINTIN.blogspot.com.

Our Pinteresting Family said...

I wouldn't paint that either. The details are gorgeous! Megan

Anneke at This, That and Life said...

Wow. That truly is such a stunning piece, and the history of it makes an even greater presence. Thanks for sharing on MMS!

Decor & Harmony said...

Good gravy Allison I can't keep up with you :) I'm now a subscriber so you will be delivered to my inbox daily. I can't believe how much you accomplish in one week, have you ever thought about ruling the world LOL..........looking forward to seeing the dining room, have a great weekend.

Barbe @ Beez Rental Designs said...

Hi I'm a new follower and found you on Sugar Bee Crafts. What a gorgeous buffet. I'm so glad you aren't painting it; everything isn't improved with paint. I've looked through your post and love your work. Hope you'll follow back and would love if you'd link one of your projects to my Frugal Treasures Party going on now. Looking forward to your full room reveal! : )

mcasper10 said...

I have one like it. I got it from my Aunt and love it too. That wood is way too pretty to paint!

Katie Mansfield said...

I found you through French Country Cottage. I wouldn't paint it either. It is lovely. Free is great too!

Richelle Nicole said...

I'm am so green with buffet envy right now! That piece is GORGEOUS! In perfect condition to so no need to paint, how awesome!

Andi said...

I'll haunt you if you paint i,t he he!! Gorgeous! Can't wait to see the whole dining room.

Unknown said...

What a great piece from your parents and lovely colour too. You can always add colour with accessories. The other one is very pretty too.

Revi said...

Amazing piece, and what sweet history to make it even better. :)

gail@My Repurposed Life said...

I think that a lot of paint decisions should be based on where a piece came from. In your case, since your parents acquired it and then refinished it together, I agree it should NEVER be painted. EVER!
you lucky girl!

Unknown said...

Found you on Primp. This buffet is AMAZING! I'm drooling.

Unknown said...

Love the buffet. I wouldn't paint it either. Congrats. Susan @ throughmyporchwindow.blogspot.com