Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Few Goodies

Just a few picture for you lovelies tonight. No before pictures, just "after rehab" goodness: 

The before of this was your average, maple colonial buffet.


All was well until I looked closer at the former hardware holes..

Lame. I had to start over on the drawers. But it was worth it. This piece is going to the boys' elementary school auction in April!

I also happened upon these sweet chairs. I didn't even paint them...just recovered in burlap and called it a day! These will be at Carver Junk Company in Carver, MN!

How's that for a little Tuesday night fun?
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Jaime Costiglio said...

Allison I'll take it all! Loving that dark top with grey base, so glad you redid the drawer fronts (that would've kept you up at night forever!). And those chairs are so warm and neutral, the burlap suits perfectly. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Nice. I've seen a few of your pieces in this color and glaze. Or, is it a glaze on top? Perhaps wax? It's an elegant color.

Donna Wilkes said...

So funny about the holes - I just did the same thing! The buffet turned out great. I love the shape of those chairs.

Unknown said...

I love those chairs. They are so cute. It's good that you did not have to redo anything on them. That's a bonus. susan @ throughmyporchwindow.blogspot.com