Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Using Dark Wax to Age Furniture

I get a lot of questions about when to wax, what wax to use, etc. So here is a quick before, during and after for you so you can see the difference between waxing and not.

I picked up this piece off of Craigslist:

I decided on a light, light blue/gray color and then proceeded to have a debate with my almost 4 year old about the paint being white or blue. He decided it was white....and I was done arguing. How can you argue with this?

Getting back to furniture, I painted 2 coats, waxed most of it and then took this picture:

This is the difference between using dark wax and using paint only. Dark wax leaves an amazing aging effect that glaze, in my opinion, can't compare with. If you really want something looking aged out, dark wax is the way to go.

I use Fiddes Wax and I order it from Amazon and use Jacobean (very dark) and Rugger Brown (medium brown). I recently ordered Antique Brown and I am not a fan of the color.

Another tip I learned is the magic of using very fine steel wool to blend  the wax after it dries. Amazing! And it makes it feel like butter!

Here is the end result:

What do you think? Wax or no? I realize the "aged out" look isn't for everyone, but some love it!

On a totally different note, does anyone have any idea how old this rocking horse is or what it might be worth? It's made of mostly solid wood with some plaster pieces too. No markings anywhere.

Any help would be appreciated :)

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Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

You are really good with the dark wax! There is definitely an art to using it well! ... And that is a very cool rocking horse!

I Play Outside The Box said...

I'm a huge fan of painting everything...but if I were you...I wouldn't touch that rocking horse until I could find out it's value. It looks to be in great shape. Take it to a reputable antique dealer and have it looked at.

Cassie Bustamante said...

i don't know anything about the horse, but i agree with the last comment! and i love the glazed affect on the right piece... this was the perfect piece for it!

ME said...

Thank you so much for showing the difference between waxing or not. Oh, no, no, not your legs! The Furniture. Anyway, I have wondered about the difference between waxing or glazing. This has helped me decide to do a piece of furniture myself. Wish me luck.

Liz @ Quirky Vistas said...

Love the look you got with the dark wax. I've never tried it, but I'd sure like to seeing what you did with it!

Stan and Jody Gabara said...

Love this project! Would love for you to share at Simple & Sweet Fridays. New Follower.


Unknown said...

Beautiful job on the dark waxing - and I love it best on French Provincial!!!
Visiting from The SHabby Creek -
( I'd paint that horse and antique it with wax lol )

Unknown said...

Hi Allison, definitely LOVE the affect of dark wax on painted furniture and the way your wax looks on your nightstand is spot on! Absolutely GORGEOUS! Shelly from Shizzle Design, spotted you on MMS Furniture Feature Friday. Have a great weekend ~ Shelly

Unknown said...

Great job on your piece! I love the dark wax and the aged look. I have no idea about the horse but I'm thinking at least 1960s, maybe earlier.
Kim @ Curtain Queen

One More Time Events said...

Love the dark wax and the color great job!.would love it if you came by One More Time Events and shared

Fiona, Lilyfield Life said...

hi Allison, I'm half half with dark wax but agree that it does do a beautiful job of ageing a piece. this little table is so beautiful and i love how you have painted it
cheers Fiona

Anonymous said...

Thanks you for this write, i m enjoyed thanks you, masko